Ductwork is so much more important that people realize.  It is the delivery system for your conditioned air.  On average the typical California house leaks 30% of the air out of the ductwork.  That means the air you paid to heat or cool is not getting into your house.  It is escaping before it gets there.  We can seal up those pesky leaks and sometimes we have to replace one or all of the duct runs. The benefit is magnificient. When and if we do replace the air duct. We upgrade it. Generally the air duct has an insulation rating of R-4.2 when we replace the duct we use a duct with an insulation rating of R-8 almost doubling the insulation and that holds the temperature much better as it crosses the unconditioned attic and delivers the tempered air into your house.


We inspect your ductwork when we visit your home if we are doing a maintenance or repair in the attic or crawl space.   We are always looking for ways we can help you and your system. It is just amazing what we sometimes find in the attic.  A duct that has come apart, a duct that has come off and is blowing into the attic, rodents have been known to get into some ductwork also. In general it is a good idea to inspect the ductwork on a regular basis.



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