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Is your air conditioner starting to show signs of wear and tear? Is your furnace failing to properly heat your house in the winter? If so, call Aloha Heating & Cooling. We provide full HVAC services, including routine maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, and replacements in Auburn, CA, and its surrounding areas. When you book an appointment with us we provide flat-rate pricing.

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How a Malfunctioning Heater Can Affect Your Home

When your heater fails, it can have a larger impact on your home than failing to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Some of the other affects a malfunctioning unit can have include:

  • Drop in comfort level as it can’t properly warm your home.
  • Risk of illness for your family, especially if there is a major problem that could cause a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Lower indoor air quality.
  • Risk of a fire, depending on the issue with the unit.
  • Increase in your monthly utility bills.

Need AC Repair?

When the temperatures start to rise, you don’t want to be stuck without a functioning air conditioner. To avoid having to endure a hot, uncomfortable house, watch for these signs that can signal a problem with your unit so you can schedule repairs with an AC contractor as soon as possible:

  • Your property isn’t cooling to the desired temperature.
  • There is water collecting under your ducts or near the drain tube.
  • Your unit is cooling your property unevenly, leaving some rooms cooler than others.
  • Your monthly utility bills increase without a change in usage.

When you have a heating or cooling issue that needs to be repaired, contact us to schedule services.

How to Know if Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

You might not think about your furnace until cold temperatures hit, but by then it could be too late to proactively replace your unit before it completely malfunctions. To replace your unit at the first signs of trouble, watch for these symptoms that can indicate you need a new system installed:

  • Your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Loss of efficiency. Your unit can no longer warm your home to the desired temperature.
  • There is a crack in the unit, which can lead to a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Rise in monthly utility bills. This can indicate your unit isn’t as efficient as it should be.
  • Multiple repairs. If your system needs multiple repairs it can be more cost-effective to replace it.

When your heater malfunctions or you need a new air conditioner installed, call Aloha Heating & Cooling at 530-823-0363 to schedule services in Auburn, CA.