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Don’t tolerate a chilly house this winter when your heating system fails. Call us for heating and furnace repairs in Rocklin.

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Winter can bring cold temperatures and make your house uncomfortable. To avoid enduring a chilly home, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance and tune-ups on your heating system to ensure it works all winter. Call Aloha Heating & Cooling when you need repairs or maintenance on your heater or furnace. We provide flat-rate pricing to our clients in Rocklin, CA.

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Do You Need Heater Repair?

To prevent being left in the cold this winter with a malfunctioning heater it’s important to watch for signs that it needs to be repaired before it completely malfunctions. Some symptoms to watch for can include:

  • Your home doesn’t get warmer when the unit is running, or heat is not being evenly distributed throughout every room.
  • Your system begins to make loud and unpleasant sounds.
  • Your monthly utility bills start to rise without any change in use.
  • Your thermostat isn’t controlling the climate of your house.
  • Your ductwork is leaking.

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Installing a new furnace can have many benefits for your household. In addition to properly heating your home, other advantages can include:

  • The latest updates and features to provide you with maximum climate control.
  • A more energy-efficient unit that can use less fuel and reduce your utility bills.
  • A more quiet system.
  • Even and consistent heating throughout your home.

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Common Problems with Heaters

When your heater starts to malfunction it’s important to call a heating contractor at the first signs of trouble. Some common issues that can require repairs can include:

  • Uneven heating: If some rooms are warmer than others, it can indicate that your system is failing.
  • Shuts down: If your heater shuts off frequently it can signal faulty wiring, a failing pilot light, or a broken thermostat.
  • Takes too long to heat: If your system is taking a long time to heat your home to the set temperature, and even turning up the thermostat doesn’t speed it up, your unit should be inspected by a professional. This could be a symptom of leaky air ducts, a damaged fan motor, or an issue with belts and bearings.

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