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Top Thermostat FAQs

Everything You Need to Know About Your Thermostat

While the HVAC system is a primary focus of most homeowners, one of the most important parts of that system is frequently ignored. The thermostat is the heart of the HVAC system, as it controls what temperature the home remains throughout the day.

Unfortunately, although it is small, when thermostat problems happen it can affect a home in a big way. Being able to identify those problems and maintain the HVAC system appropriately can save frustration and, ultimately, money.

What Is a Thermostat?

how it works A thermostat is a temperature control device that is installed in the home and connected to the HVAC system. While a thermometer simply measures temperature, a thermostat maintains it.

There are two common types of mechanical thermostats – those that use bimetallic strips and those that use gas-filled bellows. There are also wax thermostats, although those are more frequently used in cars.

One of the newest innovations in thermostats is smart thermostats. These devices are linked to the internet and can be both programmed and accessed even when the homeowner is away from the home. It is one of the best ways to keep the home energy efficient, as the temperature can be adjusted to not use as much energy when no one is home.

What Problems Can Happen to a Thermostat?

Like all of the other parts of the HVAC system, the thermostat is capable of breaking down and causing heating and cooling issues in the home.

The most obvious thermostat problem is that it doesn’t work at all. If the thermostat doesn’t work, it can’t tell the HVAC system what to do. Sometimes the issue can be as easy to fix as simply installing fresh batteries, or it may need to be completely replaced. If a new thermostat does need to be installed, homeowners should consider switching to a smart thermostat to make their home even more energy-efficient.

hvac maintenance

Another issue that can happen is that the HVAC system seems to turn off and on more frequently than it should be. This is often the result of a thermostat that wasn’t installed correctly or has gathered debris internally, which triggers the thermostat to tell the HVAC system to run constantly. This is not only hard on the system but also costly for the homeowner. 

What Maintenance Does an HVAC System Need, as a Whole?

benefitsWhile professional HVAC maintenance is recommended twice yearly – in both the spring (before the weather gets too warm) and the fall (before the cold sets in) – there are also a variety of maintenance items that the homeowner can do themselves.

One of the most important is the regular checking and replacement of the HVAC system filters. This should be done at least every few months, and even more frequently if the home contains pets or smokers.

The homeowner should also check the physical HVAC system as well, including the external air conditioning unit, the air supply, intake vents, and the refrigerant lines. Any obvious wear and tear should be further examined by a licensed HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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