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Tips To Keep the Home Comfortable for an Autumn, Scary Movie Marathon

Tips for Keeping a Comfortable Temperature in the Home

The transition from summer to fall is an exciting one. Leaves begin to change. High heat gives way to more pleasant outdoor temperatures. However, this transition can expose problems with a home’s HVAC system. 

Often in the fall, a home’s heating and cooling system will have to switch back and forth between heating and cooling because of erratic temperatures. When this happens, a home’s occupants can be left uncomfortable because of heating and cooling system problems. 

Since both systems operate during this time of year, it is an excellent time to schedule professional routine HVAC maintenance. By scheduling routine maintenance in the fall, homeowners can ensure that their heating system is healthy going into the cold season and that the air conditioner will be tuned up and ready for next spring.  

Check the Thermostat


The thermostat is probably the most recognizable component of an HVAC system. Generally, it is the only part of the system with which a user interacts. The fall is particularly hard on a thermostat because it is being switched back and forth between heating and cooling, and if the thermostat starts having troubles, neither function will work. 

One of the most beneficial steps in a professional routine HVAC maintenance visit is checking the thermostat. During the visit, an HVAC technician will check the thermostat to ensure that it is working properly. If they find an issue, they will generally recommend replacement. 

Change Air Filters Regularly

Routine filter replacements do the most for a home’s HVAC system. Keeping a clean filter in heating and cooling systems keeps the air inside a home clean, prevents grime from building up inside the unit, and preserves efficiency. 

Changing filters can be done by the homeowner, and is often offered as part of an HVAC maintenance package. The frequency with which a filter should be replaced is determined by the environment in and around a home. A home in a dusty environment will require more frequent replacement. Homes with pets will need filters changed as often as every month.

Additionally, homes of allergy-sufferers may need special filters and more frequent replacement to keep allergens at bay. 

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

A good HVAC maintenance program will assure the homeowner that their heating and cooling system is ready for any season. Most programs offer biannual visits to tune-up systems in the spring and the fall so that the air conditioner is ready for grueling summers and the furnace is ready for cold winters. During maintenance visits, HVAC technicians replace filters, inspect ductwork, test compressors and blowers, and check thermostats. 

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Two of the biggest benefits of professional HVAC maintenance are cost-savings and warranties. Routine tune-ups preserve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, so utility bills stay low. Additionally, most manufacturers warranties are contingent upon maintenance records from licensed professionals. So, in the long run, HVAC maintenance saves money, prevents hassle, and prolongs the life of HVAC equipment.

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