Indoor Air Quality Services in Auburn

How safe is the air in your home? Don’t put your family’s health at risk with poor air quality. Call us to schedule indoor air quality services in Auburn.

Good indoor air quality can have many benefits for your household. If the air is healthy, allergy, and asthma sufferers can have fewer symptoms with less pollen in the house. Germs and bacteria that spread colds and the flu can also be removed from the air. Better air quality can also eliminate odors from your home caused by mold, mildew or other contaminants. To improve the air in your house, call Aloha Heating & Cooling to schedule indoor air quality services in Auburn, CA.

We offer the following indoor air quality services for your home:

  • Air Duct Repair
  • Thermostat
  • Air Cleaning & Filtration
  • Whole House Fans
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    Benefits of Replacing Air Filters Regularly

    One of the best ways to improve the air quality in your home is also one of the easiest – replacing the air filters. Changing the air filters in your heating and cooling systems at least every three months can provide the following benefits:

    • Better indoor air quality. This will help keep your family healthy in your home.
    • Lower utility bills. Replacing the filters removes the buildup of dust, dirt, and debris, allowing your unit to function more efficiently.
    • Extend the life expectancy of your unit. The system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your system with a clean filter, reducing the wear and tear.
    • Eliminate dust from throughout your home. Filters will catch dust before it floats through your home, reducing the amount of cleaning and health issues in your home.

    Contaminants That Exist in Air Ducts

    Did you know contaminants can live in your ductwork? These pollutants can cause damage to your heating and cooling system, as well as impact the quality of the air in your home. Because of this, it’s important to have your air ducts inspected regularly.

    Some contaminants can include:

    • Bacteria
    • Mold spores
    • Fungus
    • Pet dander
    • Pollen
    • Dust mites

    Is your AC unit no longer keeping your home cool? Contact us to learn about our air conditioning repairs services.

    Most Common Air Cleaner Systems

    To clean the air in your home you can install an air cleaner. These systems will remove particles and debris from your home to improve your indoor air quality. There are many different types of units you can install, including:

    • Whole-house systems: These provide consistent air quality control.
    • Portable air purifier products: These are less expensive than whole-house systems, but they are not nearly as powerful.
    • Ozone generators: These systems clean your air while producing oxidation properties that will safely and effectively control indoor air pollutants.

Don’t put your family’s health at risk with poor indoor air quality. Call Aloha Heating & Cooling at 530-823-0363 for indoor air quality services in Auburn, CA.