Aloha Comfort Club

Aloha Heating & Cooling has made it easy to keep up with your home air conditioning and heating system maintenance with our Aloha Comfort Club.

Your Aloha Comfort Club membership guarantees you important benefits and valuable service for your home. To begin with, Aloha Comfort Club members receive priority scheduling, as well as discounts on repairs and select services. Members are also covered with a full 2-year guarantee on all work performed. We guarantee each unique repair will be done right the first time, or we will repair it again for free!

Why Is Routine Maintenance Important?

It is widely believed that having your home’s heating and AC systems professionally maintained keeps them running more efficiently for longer. This not only helps reduce your energy use and save you money on utilities but also ensures that your system is running safely.

Professional maintenance is also explicitly stated in most factory warranties, so maintaining your system can also ensure you are protected should the system need to be replaced.

Membership Details

Aloha Comfort Club membership cost: 1 low annual fee

Additional systems: large discounts for additional units

Your membership includes:

  • Two full-service maintenance tune-ups and inspections per year
  • Detailed & thorough inspection
  • System performance audit: Balance and charge each system up to 1 lb. of refrigerant per year
  • 20% discount on all repairs
  • 2-year full guarantee on all repairs performed
  • Priority Scheduling

For more information about signing up for the Aloha Comfort Club, call Aloha Heating & Cooling in Auburn, CA at (530) 823-0363.